Protestant church and Diaconate home


Place du Marché. This parish church once dedicated to St. Madeleine, was simultaneous from 1685 to 1893. The old Romanesque chancel became a baptismal chapel in 1959. The nave dates from the 15th century, its oriental part formed by two bays of an elegant but unfinished Gothic hall. Its Renaissance altar (1617) is made of grey sandstone and is finely carved. Its Muhleisen organ dates from 1965.

The Protestant and Catholic churches, that stand very close to each other, have tuned their bells in order to create a beautiful harmony with their chimes.

This nursing home is attached to the Diaconate Foundation in Mulhouse. It took over the Neuenberg Deaconess' Home, founded in 1877 by pastor Gustave Herrmann and who, for over a century, was very active in the Hanau's social, health and spiritual life. In its compound lies the St. Etienne church, with remarkable stained-glass slab windows, made by the A. Labouret workshop in 1959.



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