Temple Saint-Étienne

Mulhouse, Temple Saint-Étienne © Roland Kauffmann

Mulhouse, Temple Saint-Étienne © Roland Kauffmann


Going down the rue des Trois Rois, you’ll get to the historical centre where, at the place de la Réunion, you can visit the St. Etienne temple. 97m high, it’s the highest church built by Protestants in Europe. Built in the 19th century (1859-1866), its imposing size is also a testament to the pride of the town’s economic success. It is in a neo-Gothic style, but kept the 14th century stained glass windows from the old church’s chancel. This former church was given to the Protestants in the 16th century. Even today, the church is a place of worship for the town-centre’s parish, but also a cultural centre that stages many exhibitions and nearly 70 concerts, with over 85.000 visitors per year.

historical monument

listed historical monument since 1995



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