Temple Neuf




At the Place de la Comédie you'll see the « Temple Neuf », opened in 1904 in presence of William II and the empress. Unlike many buildings in Metz, the church isn't made of yellow limestone, but of grey sandstone. William II asked Wahn, the architect, for contrasts: many parts of the church's architecture are inspired by the Rhein region Romanesque buildings, that go back to the 11th and 12th centuries. The side towers are topped with a rhombohedral stepped hip roof. The « dwarf » ornamental galleries have small pink sandstone columns above the main porch, pediment and steeple. Small arches adorn the walls under the roofs. An attentive visitor will also notice at the base of the gate's arches, symbols of the evangelists which frame the golden mystical lamb, monstrous animals on the sides, gargoyles in the shape of birds or fishes.


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