Protestant church

Protestant church of Courcelles-Chaussy © Evelyne Will-Muller

Protestant church of Courcelles-Chaussy © Evelyne Will-Muller


In the « place du Temple » in Courcelles-Chaussy, discover this Protestant church’s beautiful architecture. William II found the former building too modest, so in 1893 he decided to build a Kaiserkirche (an imperial church) out of his personal fortune, following the plans of Paul Tornow, an architect from Berlin. The building, built in the shape of a Greek cross, is in a neo-Gothic style, typical of the Wilhelminian architecture. Inside the church is decorated with carefully worked paneling. Wooden tribunes were also set up to welcome the crowd that came with the imperial visits. The emperor had his own entrance near the choir and his own lodge, decorated with imperial patterns.



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