The Protestant church

Belmont, Protestant church © CAC UEPAL

Belmont, Protestant church © CAC UEPAL


The Protestant church in Belmont is built on the relics of a 12th century chapel. It was altered many times before being entirely rebuilt by Jean Georges Stuber in 1762. Among the must-sees in the church are two columns representing two faces, with one pulling out its tongue!

Good to know!
It was in Belmont, a few steps away from the church, that one day in September 1769, Oberlin met the young Sarah Banzet. Moved by the care Oberlin showed for small children's education, she gathered the small children of the village in her living room, which was known as her “stove”, in order to teach them how to knit and to tell them stories... This gave Oberlin the idea of creating what he called “knitting stoves” that would later become nursery schools.


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